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Exalted Ruler - Bob Muller, PER 
Leading Knight - Eddie Huertas, PER
Loyal Knight - Melissa Yule
Lecturing Knight - Lauren Lefever

Esquire - Butch Johns, PER

Secretary - Rick Laliberte

Treasurer - Anne M. Witkonis

Tiler - Robert Brader
Inner Guard - Doug Charles

Chaplain - James L. Beck Sr.

Trustee - Tate Pope

Trustee-Craig Rhineer

Trustee - Jesse Hudock

Trustee - Neal Heisey

Trustee-Gary Metzger




House Committee

Chairperson: John Show & Tara Marshall

Craig Rhineer, Jr.

Seth Anastasio

Marketing And Public Relations Committee
Elk Call Editor: Susan Hudock
Website - Administrator: Raymond Wilkinson, PER

Membership Committee
Chairperson: Tara Marshall & Melissa Uhle

Rick Laliberte

Sallie Rhineer


Charity & Community Committees
Charity - Chairperson: Sallie Rhineer
Community Activities - Chairperson: Carol Panasci
CP Legacy- Chairperson: Eugene Hoffman
ENF - Chairperson: Arthur Arnold
Home Services - Chairperson: Anne Witkonis
National Home - Chairperson: Eddie Huertas PER

Youth Activites
Youth Activities - Chairperson: Mary Ponessa
Soccer Shoot - Coordinator: Vacant
Drug Awareness - Coordinator: Jennifer Wilkinson

Patriotic Committees
Americanism & Flag Day - Coordinator: James Beck, Sr.
Veterans - Coordinator: James Beck, Sr.


Fund-Raising Committee

Now controlled by the Entertainment Committee


2020-2021 Elk of the Year: Sallie Rhineer

Accident Prevention - Manager: Neal Heisey
Annual Banquet - Chairperson: Bradley Singer, PDDGER
Auditing - Chairperson: Jerry Finefrock

Blood Bank - Chairperson: James C Thorbahn

Bowling - Chairperson: Andy Brader

Entertainment - Coordinator: Dee Pappas
Government Relations - Coordinator: Jerome C Finefrock

Insurance - Chairperson: Douglas C Charles

Maintenance - Chairperson: Ronald W Pope

Memorial Service - Coordinator: Bob Mullen, PER

Old Timers Banquet - Chairperson: Butch Johns, PER

Billiards - Chairperson: Butch Johns, PER

Ritual - Chairperson: Bob Mullen, ER

Subordinate Forum - Chairperson: Chris Patterson

Trip - Chairperson: Vacant

Visitation - Coordinator: Vacant

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